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One system to manage all your trace instructions

TraceGenie is an online platform that allows you to upload trace instructions (any type of trace instruction).  We have a network of tracing agents, spread countrywide, each having their own unique tracing tools and methods. We currently have a network of tracing agents, specialising in Beneficiary Tracing, Missing Person Tracing, Employment Tracing, Asset Tracing and Relative Tracing to mention but a few.  

We regularly train tracing agents on using the system and encourage them  to move away from spreadsheets.  By using more advanced ways/systems to manage trace instructions, they are able to increase productivity, provide a better service and provide improved reporting to the Supplier.

Once the instruction is loaded (individual or bulk), it is available for the trace agents to claim.  Trace agents have a specified number of days to action the instruction, and receive an email reminder should they not login to the system for a certain period of time. 

The system is live and in real time, enabling you to track the progress of your instructions on a daily basis.  You will receive a daily update on all completed trace instructions.

What sets us apart from other tracing companies and/or agents?  Our system, which is fully cloud-based and available 24/7. You have full access to the system in real time, enabling you to  track your trace instructions at any time. You have full control over your trace instructions and can monitor progress as and when required. Furthermore, we only return a trace instruction as unsuccessful once all avenues have been exhausted.  Our system will automatically reallocate a no trace to another trace agent to re confirm.  Only once an instruction is marked as a no trace by 3 or more agents, will we return it to you as a no trace. This ensures that you always get the best possible results.

All tracing is done on a no success no fee basis.


  • Beneficiary Tracing
Bring people and assets together - finding missing or unknown beneficiaries where there are funds due to them. We trace beneficiaries for  insurance payouts and provident funds.

  • Missing Person Tracing
Missing person tracing and family tracing connects you to missing persons and long lost loved ones.  We locate missing persons/family, providing you with their contact information.

  • Debtor Tracing
We find your missing and absconded debtors, providing you with their contact telephone numbers and residential address info.

  • Employment Tracing
We find employment details of your missing debtors, providing you with their employment information.  Information provided includes employer name, address and telephone no., occupation, nature of employment, employee number and any other verified details related to their employment

  • Company Tracing
We trace and confirm the location of an active business, providing you with all relevant and verified information.

  • Director Tracing
We will verify and confirm that a person is a director of a company or companies and will furnishing you with their contact telephone numbers, residential addresses, identity details and any other business interests and directorships.

  • Third Party Tracing
We will trace third parties involved in vehicle accidents and obtain all relevant information that may be required by the insurance company. 

  • Field Tracing
We have a specialised network of field agents specialising in:
  • Beneficiary Field Tracing - Physical Tracing, visiting the beneficiary and signing of relevant documents for payout.
  • Legal Field Tracers - For signing of  Section 58’s, Section 57’s. AOD’s, Section 129’s and Debit Orders.
  • Field Agents for physical confirmation and verification of an address or asset.

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